Quality Assurance

AT QTS, we believe in exceeding your expectations in both quality and service. We utilize each level of our ‘Triple Check’ quality assurance plan as a learning tool and compass as to the direction of our service. We work harder to keep you satisfied.

To ensure the best quality for our clients, QTS established QA rules and standards for our transcriptionists and editors. These rules and standards include without limitation, accuracy levels, maintaining turnaround time, maintaining transcribed lines per day, etc. All transcriptionists and editors are monitored daily to ensure QA standards are met.

Level I
First, our transcriptionists perform a thorough review of their work.

Level II
Next, our experienced editors/proofers review and edit each transcribed document. Any document that falls below our QA standard is sent back to the transcriptionist for correction. For each document, our editors produce what we call a ‘Transcription Feedback Report’ (TFR). The TFRs show the transcriptionists exactly what was edited and why it was edited, and when applicable, the TFRs refer to the appropriate page/section from the Book of Style. These reports are the basis for continued learning and development for our transcriptionists and are an integral part of our quality assurance process.

Managing the network of editors and transcriptionists are our QA managers. Each QA manager is responsible for verifying each report to ensure quality before releasing to the client.

Level III
As an additional step, we perform random quality checks of the reports transcribed and edited to ensure quality levels are being maintained.


Our Equipment

Toll-free Phone Dictation

QTS utilizes a toll free, dial-in digital dictation system. The system is web-based and allows an unlimited number of professionals to dictate documentation the way they always have, using toll-free telephone access.

Via prompts, dictators login using a unique PIN number and security code. Dictators then dictate using a standard touch-tone telephone. Keys on the phone correspond to recording functions (i.e., play, rewind, fast forward, record, pause, etc.). The dictator can also “label” a dictated file as a regular dictation (i.e., 24 hour TAT) or priority.

Digital Recorded Dictation

Dictators who need more mobility can dictate using digital voice recorders. Simply record your dictation and upload files to our system.

Web Access

Our system also provides secure Internet access to dictations and transcribed reports. Via prompts, our software platform requires each dictator or office administrator to login with a unique user ID and password to access dictation files and transcripts. This type of authentication enables us to prevent any unauthorized access to data.

Dictators and office administrators can check the status of jobs, manage dictations (i.e., change the priority level) and transcriptions and print, fax or email reports from any computer with internet access and a web browser. The system provides anytime, anywhere access via a secure web portal.

Our system is very user friendly.

Our Team

QTS' collective expertise and professional staff assures the very best customer service and quality.

The most valuable asset of QTS is the quality of our service. QTS is staffed with carefully selected and trained transcriptionists. To maintain our high quality standards, we hire and train first-rate transcriptionists and staff with a commitment to excellence. Our Management Team and Quality Assurance Team consist of experienced academic, medical and legal professionals who ensure compliance with QTS' commitment to quality and customer service for our clients.

Our transcriptionists have several years of experience transcribing and editing for the medical, legal and academic fields. To meet the needs of our clients, the work product of our transcriptionists is continuously monitored, and our transcriptionists undergo regular in-house training to provide accurate and timely transcription service.

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